Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sex Education for Young Adults ... 'Twa' People

On Thursday and Friday, January 8th and 9th, Kristin gave sex education to female and male young adult groups, respectively. Each group had approximately 30. Their ages ranged 18 to 25. They are part of a local church, called PEFA, supported by a Korean missionary, located in Kininya, nearby Kigali. The education was part of their two-day retreat.

The education centered around reproductive systems, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS. These young adults have never received any education about reproductive systems and they all asked many questions. The bottom line of the education was abstinence until marriage. They all asked for subsequent education.

While sex education was under way, a KOICA volunteer, Jooheum, conducted a training session on computer for males and on handcrafts for females. Although Rwanda is proud of its gender equality, the imbalance in the education level between males and females was obvious.
On Saturday, January 16th, Kristin joined a group of people visiting Twa people. Twa people are pigmies, all shorter than 5 feet, representing 1% of Rwanda's population. They are specialized in pottery and usually very poor. This group led by a Korean missionary served corn flour and beans for 86 families. Their living condition was extremely poor. Bare feet were norm and houses were of one-room with thatched-roofs. - Kristin

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