Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cotton Candy at New Hope Homes...

Today, January 30th, KOICA volunteers and we surprised the children at New Hope Homes with cotton candy that they have never seen and tasted.

One of the KOICA volunteers brought a cotton candy machine from Korea and to the best of our knowledge, it is one and only in Rwanda. Not only children but also all adults enjoyed it. Children were initially cautious about tasting it, but it did not take them even seconds to make a big smile and ask for more.

Also, we played games, sang along and played group jump rope. They were all happy.

Jeffrey shared a message, "Seeing the Kingdom of God" based on John 3.

As our visits have become regular, we are greeting each other with big smiles and hugs. It is our prayer that they will grow sound, healthy and strong to become influential leaders of Rwanda. - Kristin and Jeffrey

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